Transnational Learning/Training activity held in Campobasso on March, 2018

March 12th, 2018 Welcome and opening of the Meeting The director of our school, Prof.ssa Rossella Gianfagna, welcomed the participants to the Istituto d’Istruzione Secondaria Superiore ″L. Pilla”. Two videos were presented. Both of them were made by the students of our school; the first one was about our school and the second about the town … Read more

1st EPA.L. of Karditsa attending 2nd TRANSNATIONAL TRAINING MEETING

Within the framework of the European Program Erasmus+ in which the 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa is participating, titled ‘A CALL FROM SCHOOLS FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION – LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION’,  two teachers and five students of our school  travelled to Campobasso, Italy, for the second Transnational Training Meeting. The teachers Laapa Vana, Giannakoudi Katerina … Read more


CADA   XESTO  CONTA The Erasmus+ project “A CALL FROM THE SCHOOL. LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTIONS” aims, among other objectives, to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment, by applying 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In particular, it aims to promote that attitude from school, making us see that with small gestures we can … Read more

Ecological Christmas tree.

For the second continuous year, the students of the 1st EPAL of Karditsa, thinking ecologically, influenced by the European program in which our school participates: A CALL FROM SCHOOLS ”FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION”, they decorated the Christmas tree economically and ecologically, using ornaments from recyclable materials primarily from materials we use … Read more

Merry Christmas from Romania.

This year, our school, Colegiul Tehnic „Traian Vuia” Galați, Romania, celebrates the winter holidays with another kind of Christmas trees, this time made of cardboard wrappings, CD-s, plastic caps and recyclable paper ornaments. The students worked with great pleasure and enthusiasm to create our ecological Christmas trees, realizing again that the Christmas spirit stays alive even when the fir trees … Read more

Presentations at Junior High School of Karditsa.

Our school, the 1st EPAL of Karditsa, within the framework of the European Erasmus + program in which it participates and entitled “A Call from Schools for the Less Destruction – Let´s reduce the Consumption, visited the 3 rd Junior High School of Karditsa. The purpose of the visit was to inform students about the actions of the … Read more