CADA   XESTO  CONTA The Erasmus+ project “A CALL FROM THE SCHOOL. LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTIONS” aims, among other objectives, to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment, by applying 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In particular, it aims to promote that attitude from school, making us see that with small gestures we can … Read more

Webinar Spain-Italy.

One of the activities of the European program “A CALL FROM SCHOOLS;FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION”, in which our school is participating, is the videoconference between schools of the program. Coinciding with the celebration in our institute of the second meeting of teachers and taking advantage of the presence of Italian teachers, we celebrated a videoconference between … Read more

The forest of Catasós.

Among the activities of the project Erasmus+ A call from schools.”For the less destruction, let’s reduce the consumption”, the students attended today to the explanations of some representatives of the neighborhood group “Save Catasos”. So we had news about the unequal struggle of a handful of residents against the plans of a large electrical company … Read more