Changing lights.

The involvement of a vocational school like ours, in a European program means, among other things, applying good practices to the school itself, to improve our daily lives. So, influenced by the European program in which our school is participating, titled A CALL FROM SCHOOLS ; FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION; a group of students led … Read more

Recycling week for plastic bottles.

One of the actions organized for October within the framework of the European program in which our school is participating, titled A CALL FROM SCHOOLS; FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION, was the “recycling week for plastic bottles”. Students and teachers took part in it with enthusiasm, collecting all kinds of plastic bottles and containers.

Project corner at Karditsa, Oct-17.

One of the basic actions of the European program titled: A CALL FROM SCHOOLS; FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION, in which our school is participating, is the ‘project corner’. Its role is important, as it reminds us daily of the respect which our environment deserves. Its renewal is therefore equally important, every time there is … Read more