Traian Vuia: A new European project

A new European project, a new educational opportunity

Between 21 and 26 November 2016, it was held the first project meeting of teachers, in Turkey, the coordinator country of the project A Call from Schools “For the Less Destruction Let’s Reduce the Consumption”, carried on within the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2, activity attended by teachers from the Technical College “Traian Vuia” Galati.

The project will be developed for two years, 2016 – 2018, in partnership with the following schools: Mehmet Kurban Munever Anadulu Lisesi from Konya, Turkey; Kelmės “Aukuro” pagrindinė mokykla from Kelmė, Lithuania; Selçuklu Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi from Selçuklu, Turkey; IES de Pobra do Caramiñal from Pobra do Caramiñal, Spain; Instituto d’Istruzione Secondaria Superiore “L. Pilla” from Campobasso, Italy; 1o EPAL Karditsas from Karditsa, Greece and Colegiul Tehnic „Traian Vuia” from Galați, Romania.

The scientific dimension of the project lies in the awakening of the students’ interest, of people in general, to get involved in green initiatives. The social dimension aims at achieving a communicational, social and cultural partnership between the institutions and the collaborators involved, with a strong stake on an active exchange of knowledge and on creating an active framework of participation in such an international activity. It is essential to consider developing an interest in promoting a model of positive attitudes towards the environment. The project objectives will be focused on the intention to encourage students’ awareness of the importance of combating environmental pollution, to give them information about how to recycle, about reducing waste, thus forming skills related to environmental protection.

The coordinators from Turkey had prepared for this first meeting, an intensive working program with learning activities related to the project theme. The program itself began with the presentation meeting of countries and partner schools, presentation of the web page created by the project team, which will include exchanges of information necessary for the proper conduct of activities, then followed the visit of the host school, activities of planting trees, discussions about the project, preparation of the next mobility, a visit to the Regional Directorate of Forestry, a beautiful trip to Cappadocia, the visit to Yüksel Bahadır Alaylı Science and Art Center, the second partner school in Turkey, where we attended a mini-concert given by talented students and the visit to the famous Mevlana museum.

The partners engaged in the running of the project also discussed the most important activities of the future meetings where teams of students will be involved. In addition, the diagram of joint activities was also given a final brush, which will aim to create posters and brochures, organize paper recycling activities, publish the results on the project platform, perform activities of planting trees, etc.

To increase the efficiency of the project, the Technical College “Traian Vuia” team will continuously try to ensure the impact of the project on the local community and public institutions. In this respect, there will be concluded partnerships with public institutions in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

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