Within the framework of the European program in which our school is participating, titled A CALL FROM SCHOOLS ”FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION”, we decided to respond to the invitation of the non-profit organization “re-battery ΑΕ”, which is active in  large battery recycling, for an artistic contest of ideas regarding recycling.

We thought that it would be an excellent opportunity for the participating students to realize the importance of battery recycling and to adopt an ecological attitude.

In addition, many talented students had the chance to approach the subject through drawing and to express in their own unique way their sensitivity on this recycling subject.

During the contest, our school was provided with the special house battery recycling bin, so that the students could be further motivated.

The main message of the contest is RE-BATTERY (REUSE – REDUCE – RECYCLE). The contest is now in process and, regardless of the outcome, we have already won!!!

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