Romanian Spring Traditions.

As spring begins, everything comes back to life.

To mark the beginning of a new cycle of life,
the Romanians have a special tradition, called Mărțișor.

On every March 1, the Romanians celebrate the day of Mărțișor when they usually offer flowers and mărţişoare, tinny spring symbols, accompanied by white and red twisted threads to the people they love and admire.  The red color symbolizes love, while the white represents purity, good health and the snowdrop, the first flower of spring.

Accordingly, our youngest partners from the two kindergartens, Pinocchio and Pechea, started preparations for this important celebration long ago.

First, they collected the necessary materials, waste paper and corks, beads, pieces of plastic, and other recyclable materials which afterwards were sorted out to make the most ingenious and original spring talismans, Mărțișor,

… and cards that soon are to be offered to their mothers, sisters, classmates, friends, and, of course, teachers.

Their work was hard but rewarding and the result is exquisite.

Joining them, we wish you a bright and colorful spring, full of joy and good will!


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