Fisrt Transnational Training Meeting in Karditsa, Greece.

The Fisrt Transnational Training, Teaching and Learning Activities Meeting
on the13th–17th March, 2017 in Karditsa in Greece


On the 13th–17th of March the team of 2 teachers and 5 students of “Aukuras” basic school took part in the first transnational training, teaching and learning activities in 1 Epal Vocational Training school of Karditsa in Greece. They carried out various training and learning activities related to the goal of the project. The eighth formers Evelina Grigalaityte, Ema Staseviciute, Deimante Kybartaite, Guste Vaitkute and Kristupas Gecas represented the school. Ieva Siliune, the deputy of the school as well as the coordinator of the project in the school, led the team, Virginija Balaboniene, who is the teacher, accompanied the students.

The aim of the project is to save resources of the environment by reducing the consumption. In order to this all the training, teaching and learning activities in Greece were related to the saving of energy and wood. The students gained theoretical and practical knowledge about photovoltaic. They obtained knowledge about the usage of it in the daily life while did training activities in 1 Epal Vocational Training school of Karditsa. Additionally, they visited one of the electricity factory where the energy is produced by solar panels in Greece. Each participant school brought the model of the solar panel to their school for training, teaching and learning purposes. While visiting the litter separating factory the students expanded their knowledge about the importance of sorting rubbish, participants also found out about the usage of wind mills in the daily routine in the science lesson.

During the trasnational training, teaching and learning project meeting in Greece the students of “Aukuras” basic school learnt about the activities related to the project in the partner schools since the beginning of October 2016. They also presented the activities of their school. Six activities were realized in the school: by the end of October the community of the school planted tulips outside the school as well as set up the hill of narcissuses, students did a survey about the usage of A4 format paper per year in the school. Because of it they made a mandala of vegetables and fruit in the inner yard of the school for teachers for the national Teachers‘ Day, students of the school made Christmas trees and decorations of the secondary materials for Christmas at school. At the beginning of January primary school students drew on the snow with the natural paints that they made of vegetables and various plants by themselves in order to save paper sheets. Moreover, the biology teacher organized a competition “Things Of the Secondary Materials” for 5th–10th formers in February. There are 3 activities that are permanently implementing at school: collecting batteries, saving paper and separating litter.

The students and the teachers spent their free time in the educational trips in district of Karditsa in Greece. They visited the Platira lake that is in the mountains. It is the main water source of Karditsa city. Also they were in the Meteora – the complex of Eastern Orthodox monasteries where they are built on the Pindus mountain rocks. This place is included in the UNESCO list of the world heritage.

The last day in Karditsa the participants of the project visited the archeology museum of Karditsa, met the city mayor, Fotis Alexakos, of Karditsa. The first transnational training, teaching and learning meeting was completed with the awards of certificates, the gala dinner and farewell. During the evening the participants learnt and taught national dances of the countries. Also, the participants of the project thanked Mr. Sokratis Pappas, the headmaster of 1 Epal Vocational Training school of Karditsa, Asterios Gkoumas, the coordinator in the school, as well as the whole team of the school for the successful and fluent training, teaching and learning activity meeting in Karditsa in Greece.

The transnational training, teaching and learning activities in Karditsa were interesting and useful for the students and teachers, too. The participants learned responsible saving and consuming. The participants of the project practised to communicate and collaborate, found out about the cultures of other countries, improved their English skills as well as gained self-sufficiency.

/V. Balaboniene, teacher of Kelme „Aukuras“ basic school/

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