Activities between schools at Karditsa.

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ European program titled ‘A call from schools for the Less destruction – Let’s reduce the consumption’, a number of activities have to be completed by each of the 6 partner countries. The 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa organized a visit to the 2nd Junior High School of Karditsa, in which the students of the first grade watched a presentation about renewable energy sources. The presentation was prepared by teachers Mr Gimousias Prokopios and Mrs Giannakoudi Aikaterini, with the help of some of their own students. The Junior High School students were also involved in dialogue; they were asked to brainstorm and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. The visit came to an end with some fun activities – they given relevant crossword puzzles and questionnaires to complete, so that the organizing team could receive feedback as to their understanding of the subject.

The whole experience was unique, since even these younger pupils showed great interest in the process. This shows the extent to which environmental issues and energy-saving are of interest to everyone – and witnessing that fact was beneficial to every participant!

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