The forest of Catasós.

Among the activities of the project Erasmus+ A call from schools.”For the less destruction, let’s reduce the consumption”, the students attended today to the explanations of some representatives of the neighborhood group “Save Catasos”.

So we had news about the unequal struggle of a handful of residents against the plans of a large electrical company and against the obstacles and pitfalls of bureaucracy.

The summary of the story is the attempt to pass a high-voltage line through the middle of a forest with centenarians trees, boundary with another qualified Natural Monument, but that does not enjoy that protection.

Neighbor complaints were disregarded by the authorities, said the lack of any forest qualifying protectionist, not don´t deserve it but having not been processed.

Since then there have been a number of pressures and demands, protests, visits, spreading more protests … until the day in which it seems glimpsed a solution in the form of a certain protection for the forest, which will force divert the high voltage line.

We’re glad to know that the trees will continue to shape our landscape and we left wanting to know more, since, before ending the lecture … stayed without electricity!

It would be a revenge of the electric company?

PS.: the speakers brought us some small trees of the forest that we will soon proceed to plant near here.

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