Panhellenic Conference for Climate Change

JUNE 2017

The 1st Panhellenic Conference for Climate Change was organized in Karditsa on the 9th and 10th June 2017. The object of the conference was to present the extent of the phenomenon and its consequences for Thessaly.

The 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa participated in the conference, presenting the applications prepared by students within the framework of the Erasmus+ European program titled «A CALL FROM SCHOOLS ;FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION» in which the school is involved. The schools teacher Mrs Eleni Theodoraki presented the students’ work, which included:

 A sunflower as a renewable energy source: the activity was about lighting a rock garden using a photovoltaic system

 A floating photovoltaic system: the activity was about giving power and light to riverside or seaside settlement using a photovoltaic system

 Recycling and light: various types of lamps made from recycled materials

The presentation attracted a large number of visitors, not only among attendants of the conference, but also among the organizers. They were all quite enthusiastic about the effort made by the school community, as it combines sensitization about the existing consequences of climate change on the planet and the application of innovative suggestions and technological methods for dealing with the problem.

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