Changing lights.

The involvement of a vocational school like ours, in a European program means, among other things, applying good practices to the school itself, to improve our daily lives.

So, influenced by the European program in which our school is participating, titled A CALL FROM SCHOOLS ; FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION; a group of students led by the Professor of Electrical Engineering, Mrs Koutouva Ioanna, set the goal of minimizing the electricity for the lighting of a classroom.
The following steps were followed to achieve the goal:
1. Measuring the dimensions of the classroom.
2. Recording the current state of the lamps and lights, the orientation of the room, natural light, the colors of the walls and the ceilings.
3. Studying the necessary basic phototechnical sizes.
4. Understanding the Favier method.

Using all of the above and following the Favier method, we decided on the necessary interventions, which are:
1. Removing some lights and changing the positions of others in order to achieve symmetry, elegance and proper light distribution, keeping all lighting standards.
2. Replacing old lamps with new, lower-consumption ones.

By applying our proposals to one classroom,
we were able to reduce power consumption by at least 3.24 KWh per week.

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