The Erasmus+ project “A CALL FROM THE SCHOOL. LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTIONS” aims, among other objectives, to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment, by applying 3R:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

In particular, it aims to promote that attitude from school, making us see that with small gestures we can achieve important results.
Turning the center into an ecological school is a task of the entire school community: teachers, students, non-teaching staff, parents. The school center, as a place of learning and coexistence, is an excellent setting for developing a series of practices that will translate into more environmentally friendly models of life.
For all this, the Erasmus+ group of the Pobra institute want to carry out an activity aimed at making us more aware of our environment and consequent with our everyday actions.
The important thing for us is the participation of the entire educational community and that we develop positive and lasting attitudes. To give it a more playful look and give it an extra incentive, we promote the structure of a small contest, where the most important is to participate.

– Reduce the consumption in general, particularly those of electricity, heating and paper.
– Achieve awareness of the importance of small acts.
– Promote awareness of unnecessary consumption.
– Promote the active participation of the educational community in saving and conserving the environment.
– Promote the formation of environmental awareness in the educational community.
– Promote among the students the importance of the center as a place to create positive habits.

– Electrical consumption: have blinds open whenever possible, to take natural light; turn ON only the lights accurately and when necessary; turn off the lights when the classroom is empty; keep the projector off when not in use; turn off the classroom’s laptop at the end of the class sessions.
– Reuse the paper: have in each classroom a container or drawer for reusable paper. The paper used only by one side, from exams, tasks, jobs, etc. will go to this container.
– Paper Recycling: Each classroom will have a box to discard paper for recycling.
– Recycling of plastic: have a container with a bag, where to lay the plastics.
– All these questions are extensible to the workshops and specific classrooms in which classes are taught.

Although they can not be computed in any specific classroom, it is understood that all these concerns by the lights, the heating, etc., they also extend to the common areas: hallways, stairs, … not letting paper to the floor, keeping external doors closed so as not to lose heating, turn off the lights at hallways when they are not accurate.


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