Last Transnational Meeting

Within the framework of the European Program Erasmus+ in which the 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa is participating, titled ‘A CALL FROM SCHOOLS FOR THE LESS DESTRUCTION – LET’S REDUCE THE CONSUMPTION’,  three teachers of our school  travelled to KELME, Lithuania, for the last Transnational Training Meeting in this ERASMUS+ Project.

The teachers Sokratis Pappas, Miltiadis Nikolakakos and Prokopios Gkimousias visited schools at city area and working places related with the item of the Project.

They also took part in a tree-planting activity in the hosting school, and visited also cultural places and had sightseeing in the region of Kelme. Also visited the capital city of Vilnius. All participants returned with the best impressions.

The participating countries were: Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey and Romania.

The aim of the program is to sensitize students, teachers and the local community in issues of reducing energy consumption, creating ‘clean’ energy forms and replacing traditional fossil fuel with renewable energy sources as much as possible.

The dissemination of the program’s results to as many students and teachers in our area as possible is our goal, and to this end a great effort is being made by our school.

The 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa has and will continue to materialize such activities, with the aim of upgrading the quality of education to its students. It also focuses on giving teachers opportunities for more knowledge and experience, which will be useful in their work but in their life as well.


The Director of 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa

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