Final exhibition at 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa

One final obligatory activity for the European program was the organization of an exhibition in the school premises, where any exhibits relevant to environmental issues and recycling were to be displayed.

The 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa, in cooperation with the Laboratory Center, organized this exhibition in May.

The objects which were presented included: a model ecological house, with suggestions as to how we can upgrade a conventional house into an environmentally-friendly one, decorative objects made from wires and metal waste from the school’s laboratories, paintings made from plastic and paper, as well as a set of table and chairs made from old tyres.

All the exhibits were made with the help of students, who showed great interest in the process.

The exhibition was also presented at the 1st Student Conference, which was organized in Karditsa by the Secondary Education Directorate on May 10-11th.

The students had the opportunity to act as disseminators of our school’s European program, as they themselves presented the activities to students and teachers of other schools in the area.  

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