Presentation of the project.

At present,technological advancements are in progress at a great pace. In this case, the use of technology by ensuring consideration of environmental compliance is extremely important to make a livable world. Depending on the growing world population  increasing needs lead us to benefit more from the nature .
However our natural resources are not unlimited and the product activities without thinking about the environment  have a negative impact on endowments by  natural environment and shorten its life. For example; The amount of paper consumed per person  0.7 kg / day, means approximately 140 pages, annual consumption is 70 kg. 7 trees are consumed every year to meet the per capita paper. This ratio is 36% more in schools. With the comparison of the virgin paper, recycled copy paper is corresponding to   1/3  of total consumption.  That means the saving is 2/3 (67%).
With the Project we will turn the cunsumption to  the recycled paper and papers produced with cheaper methods and materials except from wood  in  all activities, worksheet,exam papers, detail papers, school panels etc. inside the school.  And we will provide 56%  paper cost savings from the annual paper cost budget of the school. That means 7 trees will be preserved per student. Not only that, the annual 4,100 kW of energy and 31 787 liters of water is consumed  to produce the paper. Annual electricity consumption of 3,246 kW per person / hour and environmental contamination rate for the production of this energy is the 1,551 kg of oil combustion values. in order to minimize the disadvantages caused by the consumption on our environment , it is necessary to increase the supply of clean energy orientation and  to develop efficient growth and usage behavior of recycling activities.

Through the activities in the Project, we   will develop  consistent attitudes of the international eco-schools environmental program and increase a lifelong  awarenees   starting from our  schools to the society at local , national and European level . because the problem is common one  we want to start a transnational movement broadening to our school environment, to the families, to the other schools and public ınstitutions in the region, to the European schools through the partnership and  national and European dimension with the dissemination platforms.

The primary goal is to let the students engage with the essence  of European Union environmental policy  and participating in this Transnational Project requires  the students development in their social, intercultural, language and ICT competences as well as  developing  their sense of responsibility working as individuals who gain the ability to act transnationally in a common problem.

We  also aim  to minimize the negative effects of school on the environment with  sustainable practises ,to  reduce the waste of energy and source, to change the consuming habits  and share the concrete results and statistics with the other sections of society.


Our Project is comlementary to other projects at the following sides;

-ıt includes sustainable and concrete applications at schools.

– besides ensuring the students new frontiers with sample implementations ,it will pave them the way for achieving them.

– ıt will launch a joint action among young people , they will see the environmental paractices on site and all the concrete products       and the dissemination activities such as designing posters and logo, creating mottos and cartoons ,booklets, newsletters and journal, analysis of situation before, in the process and after the Project, seminars and panels will be performed by the students themselves with the help of teachers.

– all papers used in the Project activities will be recycled papers. Because , especially because of the aesthetic concern ıt is decreasing the interest in recycling. Making the recycled products more aesthetic by the Project outputs and encouraging use of them will break down this preconception and will enhance the effectiveness of the Project.

– this Project will provide both sudents and teachers  not only a lifelong environmentalist identity taking  the gains to their homes and surroundings but also a background for their future experiences.

– both teachers and students will have a broader perspective through the transnational activities. The students will explore the common interests and Exchange ideas with the international dialogues. The teachers will have a knowledge of writing and managing a Project, exchanging ideas and good practices in the dialogues with their foreign collegues will contribute to their Professional development, language competences and motivation.

– the Project contribution to the school that it will change consumption habits and  reduce the consumption costs at school and at the end of the project ,the saved money from  paper costs  at school will be used  for sustainable investments such as photocell taps and sensor lights , and after the project ends this saved money will be transferred to educational activities at school. Thus , this will also require a lifelong sustainability to the school budget as well as natural resources consumption. And also  ıt will be environmentally friendly school leading by good practices.

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