Istituto d’Istruzione Secondaria Superiore “L. Pilla”

From 01/09/2014, as provided by reorganization of the new regional school network and from the regional sizing plan approved by the Molise Region in July 2014, the Institute of Higher Secondary Education “L. Pilla “branches in:
– Economic Technical Institute
– Construction Technical Institute,
– Environment and Territory Professional Services Institute for Agriculture and Rural Development
The identity of the new school comes from the most significant experiences of the two former institutions:
• Economic Technical Institute “L. Pilla ”
• Institute of Higher Secondary Education “G. Pittarelli “- constituted by the ‘Technical School Construction Environment and Territory and the Professional Institute of the Agricultural Services and Development Rural.
The Technical and Economic Institute
The Commercial Technical Institute “Leopoldo Pilla” in Campobasso is among the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions of the region.
The school has its roots in the Royal Technical School “Vincenzo Cuoco”, established on Oct. 19, 1869. In September 1, 1919, the County Council decided on the establishment of a Technical Institute accomplished with four classes and two sections of surveying, trading and accounting. The school was matched in 1922 by Royal Decree of 20 September.
In school year 1924-25 was established the Commercial Technical Institute which was later inaugurated on May 24 1931 by the king Victor Emmanuel III, with the presence of the Dean prof. Ludovico Fraticelli and Molise’s artist Arnaldo de Lisio, author of works that still adorn the Great Hall of the Institute.
In the school year 1984-85 was introduced the course for Accountants and Programmers, three years course for computerized data business management.
From school year 2010/11, thanks to the reform “Gelmini”, the ITC It became Technical Economic Institute organized into a single two-year period and a three-year period that splits into four addresses: Administration and Finance Marketing, International Relations for Marketing, Information Services Business and Tourism.
The Technical Institute Engineering Environment and Territory
The Technical Institute Engineering Environment and Territory has an ancient tradition and a history in which he is rooted in the territory. He, in fact, ancient origins in time: it arose in the first decades of the last century, associated Technical Institute for Accountants “L. Pilla. ”
Since 1977 he has acquired independent life and moved the headquarters located in Via delle Frasche n. 44. After the separation by the Institute for Accountants was called “Giulio Pittarelli”, a distinguished character of Molise.
The Institute has constantly evolved over time enriching its training by expanding the traditional skills of the surveyor with those expert in environment and territory. In the school year 2010-11, with the reform “Gelmini”, the Technical Institute for Surveyors become, starting with the lower grades: Technical Institute – Address “Construction-Environment-Territory”.

The IIS “L. Pilla” is on Via Veneto street, is ideally located in the centre of the city and can be easily reached from all directions of traffic, both urban and suburban. It is a few dozen meters from the train station and a few hundred meters from the bus terminal.
Within a radius of a few hundred meters away are: the Ministry of Education (Former Education Authority), the Bank of Italy, INAIL, INPS, the Court, the Prefecture, the Association of Industrialists, the Church Cathedral, City Hall, the Province, several bars and eateries for leisure venues, shops commercial good quality. Also in this area of town are the Savoy theater, the Provincial Library, the Museum Sannitico.
The school hosts the address Technical Economic and Technical Construction Environment and Territory.
The Vocational Services for Agriculture and Rural Development school is located in Via Manzoni n. 22, is surrounded by green spaces which extend in part for the company and the greenhouse agricultural education.
Located near the University of Molise, a few hundred meters from the new bus terminal suburban and downtown, easily accessible by students.
Consolidate our training offer regarding legal and economic sectors, tourism, environment, food and connection with job market through a series of agreements and memorandum of understanding, internships, work-study, meetings with experts, especially of languages and new technologies.
Assure our young people a solid knowledge base and the acquisition of marketable skills work.
Offer a process of education, respecting the individualization of the times and ways of learning, experienced by each student and families as formation of the person and citizen, which can develop a civic awareness and social, built on dialogue, legality and personal responsibility.

The L.Pilla School is involved each year in the “European weeks for reduction of waste”. We organize every year awaraness raising activities for our students about recycling and impact of wast on environment. Mr Adolfo Fabrizio Colagiovanni
• Degree in International Cooperation at the University of Rome Sapienza.
• Master’s Degree in EU Programming at the University of Molise.
Professional skills
He has held positions related to the design and management of project financed by EU in different organization
• School Institute “L.Pilla”
• Molise Region
• University of Molise
• EAVI – European Association for Viewer Interest
• MFA – Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Crastolla Law FIrm
• Local Action Group Molise towards 2000
Mrs Armagno Amelia

Assignment of teaching of English Language and Civilization at the School “L. Pilla ” in Campobasso.
Task of teaching English language at the Unimol Campobasso for 2 teaching modules of 40 hours each, respectively A2 level (Faculty of Medicine) and B1 (all faculties)
Trainer and expert in teaching for teachers of English in the primary and secondary education school
Expert translator
Designer European Director Twiter campus at the University of Falmouth (Exeter) Summer 2007
Campus Director Twiter at Bedford University Campus Summer 2011
Teaching position in the class LXII English Language and Civilization
Coordination of the activities of the organization, management and mentoring of training of teachers
Promotion, coordination and management of European projects, cultural exchanges and internship experience abroad Management project FEDERICA Action Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Measure.
Tutoring project Altenanza School Work of Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso Teacher guide interns in Dublin within the same project
Responsible for translating on behalf of the FIGURES, IRRE consortium for the project Leonardo Online Vocal
As Director of the Campus of Penryn (Cornwall) and Bedford on behalf of the British Academy has carried out all the tasks of coordination, organization and management of the activities of groups of leaders, of those students present as well as the organization and monitoring of educational activities and recreational

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